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This site is concerned with the study of The Fourth Way as taught by Gurdjieff, and approaches this study via all of Gurdjieff's books, C. S. Nott's two books, one book by Ouspensky, and two relatively new books which are "Hidden Meanings and Picture-form language in the writings of G. I. Gurdjieff," and

"Gurdjieff's Buried Dog II"
(Gurdjieff's instruction on the Creation of Higher Being Bodies)

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The last two mentioned books give extensive coverage to several books including Ouspensky's "In Search of the Miraculous," Nott's "Teachings of Gurdjieff," and, of course, "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson," "Meetings with Remarkable Men," "Life is real only then, when I am," and "The Herald of Coming Good."

                                                    Hidden Meanings

As introduction to "Hidden Meanings" I will use the description from the back cover of the book, which description was provided by my Wife, Emily, and my daughter, Sophia.  They wrote:

"Recalling Gurdjieff's intent for his first series: "To destroy, mercilessly, without any compromises whatsoever, in the mentation and feelings of the reader, the beliefs and views, by centuries rooted in him, about everything existing in the world."  For years Gurdjieff's followers have been working, reading, struggling to understand his writings. We are like miners chipping away at the rocks of his books, seeking the dog he so carefully buried.  That "dog" has been waiting patiently to be disinterred, but we have been digging with the wrong tools. A few new "shovels" and "picks" which may be helpful are suggested in this book. They are here for the taking; use them as you will.  As a word of caution, though, be careful when you pull the dog out.  He can be, at times, a bit wild.  And let's face it, he's probably hungry after fifty years underground. That is to say, that dog could jump up and bite the legs right out from under some of your more treasured beliefs - or it might even bite you somewhere dearer. 
"The purpose of the second series is "To acquaint the reader with the material required for a new creation, and to prove the soundness and good quality of it." It is a ripening of time. The seeds of Gurdjieff's Picture-form language have been planted for over five decades, and are now ready to burst through the soil of our Psyche to reveal the holographic images of the messages he intended for us. 

"And the purpose of the third series: "To assist the arising in the mentation and in the feelings of the reader, of a veritable, nonfantastic representation not of that illusory world which he now perceives, but of the world existing in reality." "And with regard to languages (Russian and English)," Gurdjieff said, "both these languages are like the dish which is called "Moscow Solinka," and into which everything goes except you and me, in fact everything you wish and even the after dinner chesma (veil) of Sheherazade. And from behind that veil Gurdjieff's hand now reaches to pull back the curtain, enabling us to see, if we will but open our eyes to the images hidden behind the words, the esoteric teachings of the ages through which all things become possible. 
                                                         Emily and Sophia Henderson

And the purpose of my book is to assist the reader in becoming aware of some of the techniques used by Gurdjieff to veil not only his inner, but even his inmost, teachings.
                                                                                                                 John Henderson

                                        The First Three Chapters

One should have already become well familiar with Gurdjieff's books, having read them in the recommended ways, that is, three times: first, reading in the usual way; second, aloud, as if reading to someone else; and third, making a real attempt to comprehend.  One should also have studied Patriarch Nott's books, particularly his first book, "Teachings of Gurdjieff."
  Only after that sufficient preparation will my book "Hidden Meanings" make even the slightest sense to you.

However, the first three chapters of the book may be read in advance of your preparations without damage, and may, in the process, not only prepare you for a better understanding of my book, but by reading those chapters you will be informed as to "Beelzebub's Hidden Thought", which is Gurdjieff clever way of exposing, in advance, the distortion and damage brought on by the revision of his writings, which he well knew to be, as with all significant writings, inevitable.

So, I will include either a copy of the first three chapters, or a clickable link to those chapters at a later date; but, as this site is still under construction, for the time being use the following web site, which is called "Scribd." in order to peruse the first three chapters:

About Gurdjieff's Buried Dog II

(The Creation of Higher Being Bodies)

This book is about Gurdjieff's teachings on our evolution by way of the growth and development of kesdjan and higher-Being bodies.  After all, the development of higher bodies is the ultimate goal of our studies, as it is the ultimate goal of his writings.

Having studied the works of Gurdjieff for some long time, we already know that he would not make his most prized instruction easy to find.  Still, a promise is a promise; and that is what I wish to point out to you - that Gurdjieff promised to include real and practical instruction on both the astral and divine bodies of man, and he said he would provide that instruction in his third series (see below). 

Now, while the majority of would-be followers of Gurdjieff's ideas believe, as instructed by Jeanne de Salzmann, that the third series was never finished, those who have studied "Herald" and my book "Hidden Meanings" know that the third series is actually the third, the inmost layer of the three levels of Gurdjieff's writings: the first or outer layer consists of words and the meaning of those words, the inner or second layer is composed of various forms of analogy (metaphor, simile, fables or "tales," and so on), and the third, inmost layer which is written in picture-form language, that is, for the third layer (version) of his writings Gurdjieff uses words to create images, and those images (without the words) carry his meaning.

In the present case, we will find that the information on kesdjan and higher bodies is presented by Gurdjieff using a combination of all three – words, analogy, and images, and the various sections which reveal his teaching are drawn from various places in all four of his books.  If that sounds complicated, well, that is because it is; but it is by Gurdjieff's design that it is so.  Nevertheless, it is doable, because Gurdjieff provides all that is needed to find his hidden meaning.  For those of you who have long studied the writings of Gurdjieff, you will find that your years of hard work have prepared you well (perhaps better than you know) for this effort, and you will be rewarded for all those years of study by finally discovering Gurdjieff's inmost teaching, which teaching pertains directly to the question of how to form and nourish kesdjan and higher bodies.

Gurdjieff's Promise

In his own words Gurdjieff states that he will include the information: "…relating to the question of the soul, that is, the third independently formed part of the common presence of a man, in the chapter entitled ‘The divine body of man, and its needs and possible manifestations according to law‘, but only in the third series of my writings, as complementary to two chapters of the same series which I have already decided and promised to devote—one to the words of the venerable Persian dervish concerning the body, that is, the first independently formed part in the common presence of a man, and the other to the elucidations of the old ex-exounavouran concerning the second independently formed part of a man, namely, his spirit.” (Meetings with Remarkable Men" pg. 243)

Gurdjieff is a man off his word; he keeps his promise - as you will see and verify for yourself as we move through the chapters of this book.                                                                         The Author

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